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How to Tell When Your Car Should Come In

You know your car better than most people, you spend almost every day inside of it, traveling from home to work then back again. So, when things start to change it can be kind of difficult to tell unless it is rapid. Using three of your senses you will be able to tell when your car is in trouble and when you should bring it in to see us.

Smelling something Wrong

Smelling is one of the best ways to tell when something has gone wrong inside of the vehicle’s motor. If you smell a burning or a gas-like stench, it’s a good idea to pull over and figure out what is wrong. Or if you smell a mold-like one, it could be that there is something wrong with your air conditioner—in this case you still want to bring it in, because you don’t want to be breathing that in either.

Feel for Clues

When driving your car, you will end up feeling the issues more than any other sense. If your car jerks, drifts, bounces, you’ll be the one to feel it since you’re in the driver’s seat. Feeling any sort of change from the responsiveness of the car could mean a misalignment of tires, but it could also mean that something is going wrong in the wires of the car. Since every problem is unique and every car has a special work history behind it, there is a nuance to every vehicle. Bring it in to us the moment that something changes, and we can minimize damages.

Look at Everything

If you aren’t a real car person, you might say to yourself that you won’t be able distinguish differences when you drive. That’s alright because you can always use your sight to check things. Particularly in the case of tires, your sight is a huge tool that needs to be used at least once a month to check out the general status of your car. Anything that is different or, in the case of the tires, is wearing at different times—means you should come in to have the car serviced and seen by professionals.

If you find that your car has changed recently, spend the time to bring it into us. Taking care of these little signs before they become unmanageable is a huge factor in how long it will take to fix, and how much it will cost. Independent Auto Care is your answer for everything auto in Parker, Colorado, and surrounding areas. If you have questions, give us a call. Or, read through our blog for more tips and insights into auto repair.

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