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4 reasons why your vehicle won’t start

Are you having starter difficulties with your Honda, BMW, Mini, or Acura? Here is why: Faulty spark plugs Spark plugs play a significant role in your car’s ability to start and run appropriately. If, after turning the key, the only thing you hear is a click, then your vehicle’s spark plugs need to be replaced.…
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How your exhaust system works

Our team are occasionally asked what each of the five key parts of an exhaust system actually does. So here goes… The manifold gathers all the harmful gases produced in the engine and sends them down a pipe to… The catalytic converter which converts these into less harmful products such as water vapor and inert…
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Looking after your BMW this summer

Though it’s universally acknowledged that BMWs are an exceptional, world-renowned make of car, they too need special care and maintenance in the hotter months of the year. This is because, as temperatures soar, so too do the heat-associated risks. Here are a few checks you should be doing regularly: Cooling system inspection Most importantly, you…