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To keep your engine running efficiently and avoid overheating, come see us at Independent Auto Care in Parker for engine cooling system repair and maintenance. Why go back to a dealer? Our ASE certified technicians know Honda, Acura, Mini vehicles inside and out. We will diagnose any issue, provide you with a reasonable estimate and perform all approved work quickly and properly. We offer:

  • Radiator Repair
  • Water Pump Repair
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Pressure Check
  • Radiator Flushes
  • Antifreeze Replacement
  • Upper & Lower Radiator Hose Service
  • All Engine Cooling System Repairs

For superior care of your engine cooling system at great prices, give us a call or stop by the shop.

honda radiator repair replace

The Cooling System in Your Honda, Acura or Mini

At Independent Auto Care in Parker, we strive to inform our customers about their vehicles so you have a better understanding of what issues can come up and require us to provide you with repair work. Let’s look at your engine cooling system.


As you know, a running engine gets extremely hot. The thermostat gauges the temperature and triggers more coolant and water to be sent through the system when needed. If it fails, temps can spike and your engine will overheat. If this happens, pull over and turn of the vehicle right away.

Water Pump

The water pump sends coolant from the radiator through your engine cooling system to absorb heat. If your water pump is failing, overheating is inevitable. However, early signs include whining noise from a loose pulley or a leak that will produce coolant puddles or spots under your Honda.


Coolant is sent from the radiator to divert excess heat from your engine. It then returns to the radiator where it’s cooled by outside air and an engine fan as it makes its way through the radiator channels. If your vehicle is overheating, we’ll check your radiator for leaks and sludge build-up.


If you go to your nearest auto parts retailer, you’ll find that coolant comes in a wide variety of brands, formulas and even colors. So, which one is right for your vehicle’s engine cooling system? Well, come to Independent Auto Care and we’ll set you up with the right stuff.

For engine cooling system repairs on your Honda, Acura or Mini contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.