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In your Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini vehicle, belts keep important parts moving while your vehicle hoses keep fluids flowing to all the right places. However, because we live in Colorado, fluctuating temperatures can cause premature wear and tear. At Independent Auto Care in Parker, our certified technicians will inspect and replace your belts or hoses if there are signs of damage, including fraying, cracking, leaking and more.

With belts or hoses servicing from our experts, you can rest assured that issues will be fixed before leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Honda Timing Belt Parker CO

Honda, Acura, BMW and Mini Vehicle Hoses

Hoses can be the source of numerous problems. Because they’re made of a flexible rubber, freeze and thaw cycles, as well as general exposure to pressurized fluids, can cause hoses to crack or spring a leak at their seals. At Independent Auto Care, we’ll take a look at the following to assess your hose health:

  • Physically check hoses, primarily the radiator hose, for bulging, swelling, cracking and collapsed areas, as well as a glassy and hardened surface which could mean heat damage.
  • Inspect all seals and connections for signs of leaking coolant or oil and other vital engine fluids.
  • We’ll also discuss with you any issues that you might be experiencing such as overheating or having to replace coolant more frequently.
  • If needed, flush out and replace the old fluid with clean which can help reduce internal damage to the radiator hose.

Belts for Your Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini

Also made from rubber compounds, belts are susceptible to temperature changes as well as engine heat and fluids such as oil. The main belt we can help you keep an eye on is the serpentine belt which is vital to the proper functioning of your alternator, power steering, AC compressor and water pump. We will:

  • Inspect your serpentine belt for wear and tear such as fraying and cracks, as well as an impending failure from splits.
  • Look for heat damage called glazing, which can cause belt hardening and shine.
  • Check the underside of the belt to see if “teeth” are cracked, missing or beginning to separate from the main belt.

For servicing of the belts or hoses in your vehicle, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.