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Car electrical repair and maintenance is essential and goes far beyond just replacing the battery in your Honda, Acura or Mini. At Independent Auto Care in Parker, we’ll take care of your entire system:

  • Battery – If you’ve had your current battery for more than 5 years, we’ll set you up with a new one that will stand up to the Colorado cold.
  • Starter – If your car won’t start and a jump doesn’t work, we’ll take a look at your starter and replace it if repair isn’t possible.
  • Alternator – If you’re jump-starting your car, but it won’t stay running, the alternator may be the culprit. We can repair and replace when needed.

With car electrical repair from our experts, you can turn your key or press that ignition button without having to hold your breath.

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Honda, Acura and Mini – Possible Car Electrical Problems

The starter takes electricity from your battery and uses it to start the engine. If it’s gone bad, here’s how you’ll know:

  • When you turn the key, you’ll get a click-click-click noise
  • Your dash lights and radio will come on, but the engine won’t turn over
  • Even jump-starting won’t get your vehicle to turn over

The battery needs replacing every four to five years, possibly less if you park outside during the winter. Its job is to power the starter and it’s recharged by the alternator. Dying battery symptoms include:

  • First, it will take longer and longer for your Acura engine to crank on
  • When starting the car, you’ll hear a low whining sound
  • Your car doesn’t start and the dash lights or other electrical doesn’t turn on
  • A jump start gets you going one day, but it won’t start the next

The alternator uses electromagnetism and other technical stuff to send electricity back to your battery so it’s ready to provide power for the next engine start. Signs a car alternator is failing:

  • Your headlights and dash lights or gauges flicker or get extra dim
  • You can jump-start your car, even drive a few miles but the engine dies
  • A growling sound or other odd grinding or whining noises
  • If it is overheating, you may notice the distinct smell of burning rubber or wires
  • And of course, an ALT or GEN light illuminates on your dash

For car electrical repair on your Mini, Honda or Acura, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.