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Without car air conditioning repair or AC system service, getting stuck in traffic can be miserable. So, come see us at Independent Auto Care in Parker and we’ll make sure you’re cool in summer, as well as toasty warm in winter. Our ASE certified technicians can provide comprehensive car ac servicing:

  • Diagnose and Repair AC System
  • Clean and Replace Condenser
  • Clean and Replace Evaporator
  • Replace AC Compressor
  • Replace AC Expansion Valve
  • Replacer Blower Motor
  • Repair Car AC Control Module
  • Evacuate & Recharge AC System
  • Recycle Refrigerant

With car air conditioning repair or AC system service, you can enjoy driving your Honda, Acura or Mini all over Parker and Denver without breaking a sweat.

honda ac repair Parker co

AC and Heating Problems in a Honda, Acura or Mini

While AC problems can be extremely uncomfortable in summer, heating issues can be dangerous in frigid winter temperatures. That’s why we recommend coming to Independent Auto Care in Parker if you notice any of these signs that your system is in trouble:

  • Leaking Refrigerant or Coolant – While gradual loss from use is standard, sudden spots on the driveway or needing to refill fluids frequently is a clear sign of a leak.
  • AC Compressor is Dead or Dying – When first turning on the AC, some warm air is normal. But, if it does not cool down or is very noisy, the compressor could be the culprit.
  • Heater Core is Dead or Dying – If you’ve got cold air from your heater, fogged windows, or notice a fruity or sweet odor, we’ll need to check out the heater core.
  • Failing Blower Motor – If you turn on the AC or heater in your vehicle and get no air flow, your blower motor could be having issues and may need to be replaced.

For air conditioning repair or AC system service, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.