Honda, Acura, Mini – Independent Auto Care Parker Colorado

If you’ve been searching for a vehicle alignment service near me, look no further than Independent Auto Care in Parker. Our ASE certified technicians provide complete care for the tires and wheels on all Honda, Acura and Mini vehicles. With state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience, we offer a better alternative than the hassles and expense that can come with going to a dealer.

At Independent Auto, our 4-wheel computerized wheel alignment service includes:

  • Computerized Wheel Balance
  • Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Inspecting of Camber, Caster and Toe Settings
  • Road Test After Alignment
  • Positioning Printout, Before and After
  • Steering & Suspension Systems Inspection

By choosing Independent Auto Care in Parker to perform your vehicle alignment service, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality repairs at the best possible price.

computerized wheel alignment

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment Service

Improper alignment can not only affect steering but greatly reduce tire life. It can happen if you hit one of those big potholes around town or simply because components come loose over time. The trick is to be mindful of how your Honda, Acura or Mini is handling. Typically, this is where you’ll notice the first signs:

  • If you’re driving on a flat, straight road, you may find yourself constantly correcting to keep your car straight. You might feel a tug or pull in one direction or the other.
  • When coming up to highway speeds, you’ll notice a distinct vibration in your steering wheel. The more intense the vibration, the sooner you should come to the shop.
  • Check your tires for any uneven wear patterns. Typically, the inside or outside of the tire will be noticeably more worn down than other areas of the tire.
  • A loose steering wheel or one lagging in response also require an alignment check. At Independent Auto, we’ll also check your suspension for related problems.

For a Honda, Acura or Mini vehicle alignment service in Parker, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.