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While the traditional definition of the tune-up service has evolved over time, they’re still essential to the proper maintenance of your Honda, Acura or Mini vehicle. Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we’ve found that providing tune-ups has helped countless customers keep their cars in great shape by meeting manufacturer requirements and catching minor issues before they can snowball into expensive repairs.

At Independent Auto Care in Parker, our car tune-up checklist includes:

  • Oil Change, Lube & Filter Replacement
  • Check/Replace Spark Plugs & Wires
  • Check/Replace Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter
  • Check/Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor
  • Check/Replace Fuel Filter, PCV Valve
  • Inspect Fuel Pump
  • Replace Oxygen Sensor
  • Rotate Tires, Check Brakes and Alignment
  • Inspect Vehicle Fluids & Systems

By bringing your car, truck or SUV to Independent Auto Care in Parker for a tune-up service, you’ll protect the life of your vehicle and even resale value. Give us a call or stop by the shop today.

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The Truth About the Tune-Up Myth

Because modern cars are primarily controlled by a computer, needing to make manual adjustments via tune-up is less common. This has led to the myth that tune-ups are unnecessary. However, by coming to Independent Auto Care in Parker for this vital service, you can get ahead of major problems, identify things that need to be fixed or replaced and generally avoid poor performance such as:

  • Loss of fuel efficiency, low gas mileage
  • Engine running rough, stalling or misfiring
  • Issues when idling – rough or high RPMs
  • Loss of power on hills or when accelerating
  • Exhaust system issues – black smoke
  • Sluggish vehicle starts or not starting at all
  • Addressing squeals, clunks and other noises
  • Veering on a straight road or poor steering
  • Soft and spongy brakes or lack of response

Just keep in mind that a car tune-up cost is much more affordable than having to replace a transmission or your engine. If you’ve skipped this service, don’t wait another day!

For a tune-up service on your Honda, Acura or Mini, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.