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These days, vehicles are incredibly sophisticated with a computerized, built-in OBD system (on-board diagnostic system) that illuminates a check engine light at the first sign of trouble.

If your check engine light is on and steady or comes on sporadically, you’ll want to set up an appointment with Independent Auto Care in Parker for a diagnosis as well as monitor your vehicle performance in the meanwhile. If it’s on and flashing, you need to get in right away – even tow the vehicle to our shop to avoid catastrophic damage to your engine and exhaust system.

Possible issues that our check engine light diagnosis can detect include:

  • Loose/missing gas cap
  • O2 sensor failure
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Airflow sensor malfunction
  • EVAP purge control valve or EVAP solenoid issue
  • Bad spark plugs or ignition coils
  • Dead/dying battery
  • Wet engine
  • Head gasket is blown
  • Lose or cracked hoses or manifold
  • Tacky exhaust recirculating valves
  • Damaged or pinched O rings
  • Vacuum hose leak
  • Failing thermostat
check engine light repair Honda Acura Parker CO

The Check Engine Light is on – Now What?

As you can see, a check engine light can point to a variety of issues. While you can buy a check engine light scanner or go to an auto parts store and have them read your codes, this simply doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. These codes only point to the system and area that triggered the light.

By coming to Independent Auto Care in Parker, we can dig deeper and pinpoint the exact cause of your check engine light using the right equipment for your Honda, Acura or Mini. Once we figure out exactly what’s going on, our ASE certified mechanics will then put together a repair plan and estimate for you to review. With your approval, we’ll then get your car fixed and back into optimal condition.

For a check engine light diagnosis, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.