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When it comes to a longer lasting, better performing vehicle, oil change services and factory scheduled maintenance are the most important items to keep up on. Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, our technicians have performed thousands of oil changes and can provide you with professional servicing at a lower price than you’ll find from your dealership.

Per your vehicle make, model and year, we will:

  • Drain and replace the oil – conventional, synthetic, blend, high-mileage options available – ask us for a recommendation.
  • Recycle the used oil, replace your oil filter and recycle that, too.
  • Check, fill and top-off other essential fluids.
  • Check tires, belts, hoses, lights, battery, windshield wipers and vehicle undercarriage.

Based on mileage, we can also perform scheduled maintenance such as replacing serpentine and timing belts, as well as the cabin air filter and engine air filter. We’ll also inspect, rotate and balance your tires. Our technicians will also flush and replace fluids, check key systems and replace parts as needed.

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Honda Chart Oil ChangesWhy Are Oil Change Services So Important?

Bottom line, friction is the enemy of your engine. When metal parts rub and grind together, they heat up, causing damage and eventually killing the car’s engine. With clean oil, all of these important components are properly lubricated and friction is drastically reduced. A few more benefits:

  • Your car runs efficiently and gets better gas mileage
  • There’s no sludge or dirt circulating in your engine
  • Your vital engine parts stay cool and last longer
  • It helps to prevent engine problems down the road
  • Regular service records improve your resale value

Just remember, oil eventually deteriorates, loses viscosity and picks up dirt and debris over time. Oil sludge will also clog up the lines and prevent important areas of the engine from being properly lubricated. That’s why you can’t skip out on consistent oil changes for your Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini.

So, if your oil light has illuminated or it’s been 7,500 to 10,000 miles since your last oil change (depends on your model), come see us or schedule an appointment today. With expert oil change services from Independent Auto Care, you’ll have fresh clean oil and add to the longevity of your vehicle.

For Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini oil change services and factory scheduled maintenance, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.