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How’s your car’s suspension?

In tougher winter driving conditions, it’s wise to pay attention to all aspects of your vehicle. The suspension is one area that small clues can easily be missed. If… # your car isn’t steering or handling as keenly as it used to # it seems to bounce more than it should when hitting bumps on…
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Is your car ready to start throughout a Coloradan winter?

It’s going to get cold – so very cold – and you’ll want to be confident your Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini will start when you really don’t want to be shivering and seeking help. So, what might go wrong? Well, if your battery is more than five years old it might be ripe for…
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Winterize my car in Parker CO

Winter and your BMW, Honda, Mini and Acura hoses

As autumn will soon lead into winter, let’s talk about the hoses in your vehicle. As they’re constructed of flexible rubber, the freeze and thaw cycles which can occur throughout these two seasons can cause the hoses to either crack or spring a leak. That’s why a regular professional check is a really good idea.…
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Best auto repair

Important things to consider when choosing an auto repair shop

The car repair service that you choose will determine the quality of service that your car will get. With so many auto repair shops in Parker, Colorado, it can be overwhelming to find one that has your best interest in mind. For that reason, we have listed essential things to consider when choosing an auto…
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Car Driver Indepentent Auto Care Parker CO

Reasons why you need to service your Honda car regularly

Honda’s are among the best-selling vehicles in the US. They are fuel-efficient, reliable, and have excellent resale value. Hondas are not just good cars, but they are also a worthy investment. But just like any other car, Honda’s require regular attention to maintain their top performance. Below are the reasons why you need to service…
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Why it’s important to regularly check your timing belt

This can easily be overlooked as you check your vehicle. Typically, it is recommended that you replace it after seven years, or between ninety and one hundred and five thousand miles, depending on the make, model, or age of your vehicle. However, such recommendations are based on average temperatures and perfect driving conditions. In other…
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Radiator repair Independent Auto Care Denver Co

How an engine coolant system actually functions

Understanding how the engine coolant system works can enable you to identify any issues. As a running engine builds up heat, the thermostat assesses the temperature and sends coolant and water from the radiator around the system as required. It’s the water pump that carries out the hard work, allowing the coolant to absorb the…
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Accord Independent Auto Care Denver

Three Tools You Need for Car Repair

You don’t need to lug around a massive toolbox to deal with some common Honda repairs. Instead, you can use some common tools and a little know-how to get your vehicle back on the road. Regardless of the problem your car faces. The first tool you need is a car jack, to jack up your…
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civic Independent Auto Care Denver

Is your vehicle in need of alignment?

There are some signs that are relatively easy to spot, but just as easy to miss. Here are three useful questions to consider… Are there any patterns showing uneven wear across your tire surfaces? These might be especially obvious on the inside or outside of a tire As you move up to higher highway speeds,…
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Mini Cooper transmission issues

The first generation Mini was the most notorious model for transmission issues. The clutch has been known to fail in under 20,000 miles and usually was blamed on rough driving. This model of Mini was the center of a lawsuit, which caused the company to cover transmission costs on vehicles with an 8-year warranty or…
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The vehicle sounds that you should never ignore

A vehicle is often on the verge of experiencing a breakdown when it suddenly makes one or more repetitive noises in spots that never had sounds before or normal sounds become louder. The following three categories of sounds require immediate attention: Rattling Under the hood, rattling often indicates that the water pump might fail at…
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