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Independent auto care for your brake repair

Which type of replacement brake pads do you need?

In answer to this question, many customers who contact us will merely tell us the model of their Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini Cooper in need or repair. Good information, but many people are not aware that there are different brake pad options to consider. We can provide organic, semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads. Each…
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heating auto repair in parker co

What actions might be needed to sort your air conditioning?

Your air conditioning is as vital to keep you warm on harsh winter days as it is to cool you down on roasting summer ones. So, what might go wrong with it? Among the many possibilities would be a need to have the condenser or evaporator either cleaned or replaced. It’s also possible that the…
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motor repair and replacement in parker

When smoke gets in your eyes

If you notice smoke coming from your vehicle, then it’s obviously not good news. Different colors can suggest specific problems. White smoke can occur when water and coolant leak into any areas where fuel is present. Black smoke can occur when your engine runs rich, meaning that not enough air is mixing with the fuel.…
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car electrical and battery service

Is your battery fit for winter?

We know our winter weather can be pretty wild and that we rely on our car to keep us going through the worst of it. One thing that is worth paying attention to is your battery. If it is over four years old, it might be ready to be replaced – and you certainly wouldn’t…
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Independent Auto Care

What can cause your engine to knock?

Have you ever wondered why your car makes some strange sounds? If your car makes a weird noise, this could be an engine knock, caused by the uneven burning of fuel. This noise is a sign that the cylinders have an irregular balance of air and fuel. When a knock occurs, it can damage your…
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How to find the right Honda repairs shop

Honda vehicles are some of the most dependable automobiles on the market. They’re known for lasting for several miles without needing major repairs like other cars. And to ensure your car performs optimally, industry experts recommend getting in touch with the best Honda repair shop whenever your car needs routine maintenance or when you encounter…
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New belts and hoses for your automobile

Summer hose damage leading into winter

As the hot, sometimes uncomfortable, Coloradan summer weather slowly moves away, we know that harsher times are coming. You’ll want to make sure that any important Acura, Mini Cooper, Honda, or BMW repairs are carried out as soon as possible. One area where heat is also a problem is with hoses, leaving them hardened and…
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Best auto repair in parker

I can’t stand the suspense!

A regular comment when watching a movie on TV, but it can also apply to the suspension on your Acura, Honda, BMW, or Mini Cooper. Repairs to the fault causing this anxiety can cover a wide range of specific areas. Commonly this can include: shock absorbers and coil springs, control arms and bushings, rack and…
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ASE certified mechanics

3 common fuel injector problems

Fuel injectors are tasked with delivering the exact amount of gasoline required for effective combustion. Here are three things that can get in the way of this… Injector doesn’t open – can be caused by rust or a broken spring. Gasoline can then leak; you might well smell this problem Clogging – often by dust,…
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Mini repair

Got the Mini; what about the Cooper?

This was a point made to one of our team members about the name of these great cars. In fact, Cooper refers to the Cooper Car Company. After being an apprentice toolmaker, John Cooper served as an instrument maker in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Together with his father Charles, already a…
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Check engine light Independent Auto Care Parker CO

Is your transmission in trouble? Here’s how to tell

No one wants to think about transmission repairs for their car, but problems can arise, so you need to know what to look for. Regardless of what type of car you drive, these are the transmission trouble warning signs you should not ignore: The gears are slipping or shifting is very rough. Your car won’t…
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Engine tuneup near Parker Colorado

Is it time for a tuneup?

One of the most important things you can do to keep your car running well is to have regular tune-ups. Is your vehicle ready for a tune-up? Here are some signs: Difficulty starting or cranking Rough idling, acceleration, or handling Misfires Stalling Reduced fuel efficiency Auto manufacturers also recommend tune-ups at certain mileage intervals. For…
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