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winter driving in colorado

Not good to be kept in suspense?

It might be okay for a movie to leave you feeling suspenseful until the last reel, but suspension problems with your BMW, Honda, Mini Cooper, or Acura means repairs should be a priority. Some of the signs of such problems can be steering difficulties such as severe dipping when you hit the brakes, or almost…
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Acura car repair near me

You’re way out of line!

This is a favorite confrontation scene in so many TV cop shows or military-themed movies. It’s usually meant as a rebuke, yet the ‘hero’ often sees it as a compliment! This isn’t the case if your car is ‘way out of line’. Alignment problems can lead to both steering difficulties and unnecessarily damaging tire wear.…
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4 BMW repairs that need the professional touch

Your BMW is broken, and you have to make a decision. Try to fix the problem on your own or take your car to the nearest BMW repairs specialist. Let’s face it, everyone loves to save money. But cars today are more complex. To maintain the high performance and refinement that comes with owning a…
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New brake pads and rotors

How to get the most out of your brakes

Typically, your Honda brakes can last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. But, this depends on many factors such as your usage and your care and maintenance. Luckily, there are things you can do to improve the longevity and functionality of your car’s brakes. These include: Slow down – the faster you drive, the more pressure…
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tune ups improve your cars performance

4 reasons why your vehicle won’t start

Are you having starter difficulties with your Honda, BMW, Mini, or Acura? Here is why: Faulty spark plugs Spark plugs play a significant role in your car’s ability to start and run appropriately. If, after turning the key, the only thing you hear is a click, then your vehicle’s spark plugs need to be replaced.…
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emission repair near parker colorado

How your exhaust system works

Our team are occasionally asked what each of the five key parts of an exhaust system actually does. So here goes… The manifold gathers all the harmful gases produced in the engine and sends them down a pipe to… The catalytic converter which converts these into less harmful products such as water vapor and inert…
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Looking after your BMW this summer

Though it’s universally acknowledged that BMWs are an exceptional, world-renowned make of car, they too need special care and maintenance in the hotter months of the year. This is because, as temperatures soar, so too do the heat-associated risks. Here are a few checks you should be doing regularly: Cooling system inspection Most importantly, you…
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heating auto repair in parker co

Four key signs of an air-con problem

While it helps you survive our harsh winters, it’s also vital to keep you cool during the upcoming summer heat. Here are four signs that your air conditioning might need some work… The blower motors fails – there’s no air flow The AC compressor is dying – or even completely dead The coolant or refrigerant…
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winter driving in colorado

Overheating engine? Some possible causes…

If your engine is overheating, there are a range of possible reasons. It might be that the thermostat has failed and the temperature spikes. A leak of coolant under your vehicle might suggest problems with the water pump as might a whining noise. Another possible cause of overheating is a leaking radiator – or a…
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Best auto repair in parker

3 things you should have inspected at every oil change

Routine servicing should involve more than just changing your oil and filter. Here are a few things you should inspect each time to reduce the odds of needing auto repair Parker. Belts and hoses Belts and hoses need to be checked to avoid any potential problems occurring that could leave you stranded on the road.…
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New belts and hoses for your automobile

Have your hoses survived the Colorado winter?

Our harsh winter weather is not kind to perishable and flexible items such as the hoses in your vehicle. So, as we hope spring may soon be approaching, this is a good time to check them out for potential trouble. With freezing and thawing a key part of our weather at this time of year,…
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Signs your car needs a tune-up

Whether your vehicle is brand new or an old classic, if you drive it long enough, it will eventually require a tune-up. A car tune-up entails preventive maintenance on your vehicle to ensure it functions properly. It involves replacing filters, wires, spark plugs, and any other worn-out parts. Here are some signs that indicate your…
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