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car electrical and battery service

Does your car need a battery for Christmas?

Not exactly a gift for your vehicle – but it can certainly help so that you are good to go throughout the busy festive season! Our winters aren’t great friends to batteries, and they traditionally need replacing at least every four or five years. If your Acura, Honda, BMW or Mini Cooper is taking ever…
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Winter maintenance for your car

Things that should get checked during a car’s first servicing

Servicing your vehicle ensures that it remains durable and functional for a long time. As a new car owner, there are a few things that you should ensure are checked before you embark on driving. These include: The car should be inspected to ensure each part of the vehicle is functioning appropriately. Shock absorbers: faulty…
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motor repair and replacement in parker

Importance of regular servicing

All types of cars need regular servicing to identify problems before they become major ones. Ignoring servicing due to various reasons puts you and your vehicle at high risk. Poorly maintained cars are prone to accidents and premature failure. Here are some of the benefits of servicing your car. It enhances safety It maintains the…
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New belts and hoses for your automobile

Mini Cooper front radiator support and coolant hose vulnerabilities

Mini Coopers are unique, sporty, and sleek and are one of the most recognized cars that can be quite a pleasure and fun to drive. New Mini Cooper owners should look out for common problems with the coolant hose and the front radiator support. Your Mini Cooper sits lower to the ground than most cars,…
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oil and fluid check in parker

When should you change your oil?

Years ago, oil changes were performed every 5,000 miles, or at least every three months. This standard doesn’t always apply nowadays since oil quality has taken sharp improvements. As such, changing your car’s oil will depend on your personal driving preferences and what is documented in your cars owner’s manual. If your vehicle is driven…
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Mini auto repair

The importance of getting your Mini Cooper serviced

The Mini Cooper is a stylish, popular car that is wildly popular across the world. These high performance cars are a blast to drive and a wonderful investment, but like any other car require regular servicing. If you want to keep your Mini working as long as possible, it is advisable to get it serviced…
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Winterize my car in Parker CO

Does your timing belt need a pre-winter check?

The answer may well be ‘yes’ even if you don’t expect it to be. Here’s why… When mileage thresholds are set for replacement, the suggested levels are based on average temperatures and ideal climate and road conditions. You may well have noticed that, wonderful though the State of Colorado is, you couldn’t compare our temperatures…
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Acura car repair near me

5 signs you need car suspension repair

Many people think that their vehicle suspension is only important for ensuring a smooth ride. However, the suspension is a critical component in maintaining control of your car when turning or stopping. When you go for an auto repair, don’t ignore these 5 signs, which may indicate that the suspension in your Honda, Acura, Mini…
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suspension repair in parker colorado

How’s your car’s suspension?

In tougher winter driving conditions, it’s wise to pay attention to all aspects of your vehicle. The suspension is one area that small clues can easily be missed. If… # your car isn’t steering or handling as keenly as it used to # it seems to bounce more than it should when hitting bumps on…
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Auto heating repairs in Parker co

Is your car ready to start throughout a Coloradan winter?

It’s going to get cold – so very cold – and you’ll want to be confident your Honda, Acura, BMW or Mini will start when you really don’t want to be shivering and seeking help. So, what might go wrong? Well, if your battery is more than five years old it might be ripe for…
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Winterize my car in Parker CO

Winter and your BMW, Honda, Mini and Acura hoses

As autumn will soon lead into winter, let’s talk about the hoses in your vehicle. As they’re constructed of flexible rubber, the freeze and thaw cycles which can occur throughout these two seasons can cause the hoses to either crack or spring a leak. That’s why a regular professional check is a really good idea.…
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Best auto repair in parker

Important things to consider when choosing an auto repair shop

The car repair service that you choose will determine the quality of service that your car will get. With so many auto repair shops in Parker, Colorado, it can be overwhelming to find one that has your best interest in mind. For that reason, we have listed essential things to consider when choosing an auto…
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