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Looking after your BMW this summer

Though it’s universally acknowledged that BMWs are an exceptional, world-renowned make of car, they too need special care and maintenance in the hotter months of the year. This is because, as temperatures soar, so too do the heat-associated risks. Here are a few checks you should be doing regularly: Cooling system inspection Most importantly, you…
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heating auto repair in parker co

Four key signs of an air-con problem

While it helps you survive our harsh winters, it’s also vital to keep you cool during the upcoming summer heat. Here are four signs that your air conditioning might need some work… The blower motors fails – there’s no air flow The AC compressor is dying – or even completely dead The coolant or refrigerant…
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winter driving in colorado

Overheating engine? Some possible causes…

If your engine is overheating, there are a range of possible reasons. It might be that the thermostat has failed and the temperature spikes. A leak of coolant under your vehicle might suggest problems with the water pump as might a whining noise. Another possible cause of overheating is a leaking radiator – or a…
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3 things you should have inspected at every oil change

Routine servicing should involve more than just changing your oil and filter. Here are a few things you should inspect each time to reduce the odds of needing auto repair Parker. Belts and hoses Belts and hoses need to be checked to avoid any potential problems occurring that could leave you stranded on the road.…
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New belts and hoses for your automobile

Have your hoses survived the Colorado winter?

Our harsh winter weather is not kind to perishable and flexible items such as the hoses in your vehicle. So, as we hope spring may soon be approaching, this is a good time to check them out for potential trouble. With freezing and thawing a key part of our weather at this time of year,…
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Signs your car needs a tune-up

Whether your vehicle is brand new or an old classic, if you drive it long enough, it will eventually require a tune-up. A car tune-up entails preventive maintenance on your vehicle to ensure it functions properly. It involves replacing filters, wires, spark plugs, and any other worn-out parts. Here are some signs that indicate your…
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The benefits of proper auto maintenance

Three possible fuel injector problems

These electronically controlled valves work to deliver the precise amount of gasoline for the combustion process. Occasionally, there are problems; here are three of the most common to watch out for… Clogging – caused by factors such as rust, dust or accumulated debris Dirt – crusty gunk often caused by a residue left behind by…
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The importance of a car tune-up

A car tune-up is a preventive maintenance measure that ensures your car functions correctly and lasts for as long as possible. During a tune-up, your mechanic can detect minor problems before they turn to bigger problems that can cost you more money. Here are some benefits of a tune-up for your vehicle: It reduces the…
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Tire maintenance in colorado

You’re out of line!

A line heard in many movies, usually when a maverick hero tries a new tactic. However, with your car, being out of alignment is less fun than that. As well as causing steering problems, this situation can also greatly reduce the effective life of your tires. If your tires are showing uneven patterns of wear…
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Mini auto repair

Three unique facts about MINI Coopers

Though the MINI has only been popular in the US for two decades, it holds a unique place in automotive history, as these facts below demonstrate: MINIs were designed in 1959 by engineer Alec Issigonis to counter Britain’s rising gasoline prices. Issigonis was later knighted by the Queen for his work on the economical car.…
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5 key aspects of your Mini Cooper that need servicing

A Mini Cooper is a fantastic car that saves on fuel due to its compact size and is also quite easy to handle. However, the vehicle requires maximum care and maintenance to ensure its enhanced functionality. Here are some areas that may require regular servicing if you own a Mini Cooper: Transmission fluid and filter…
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Why you shouldn’t put off bringing your car in for repair work

If you hesitate to bring in your car for an auto repair in Parker, you may be in for some trouble. Typically, the longer you wait to bring your car in for work, the worse a problem becomes. For instance, your Acura engine light could go off. Although your vehicle might work, waiting to bring…
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