timing belt repairs for your honda, bmw, mini or acura

Why it’s important to regularly check your timing belt

This can easily be overlooked as you check your vehicle. Typically, it is recommended that you replace it after seven years, or between ninety and one hundred and five thousand miles, depending on the make, model, or age of your vehicle. However, such recommendations are based on average temperatures and perfect driving conditions. In other…
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How an engine coolant system actually functions

Understanding how the engine coolant system works can enable you to identify any issues. As a running engine builds up heat, the thermostat assesses the temperature and sends coolant and water from the radiator around the system as required. It’s the water pump that carries out the hard work, allowing the coolant to absorb the…
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Three Tools You Need for Car Repair

You don’t need to lug around a massive toolbox to deal with some common Honda repairs. Instead, you can use some common tools and a little know-how to get your vehicle back on the road. Regardless of the problem your car faces. The first tool you need is a car jack, to jack up your…