motor repair and replacement in parker

Importance of regular servicing

All types of cars need regular servicing to identify problems before they become major ones. Ignoring servicing due to various reasons puts you and your vehicle at high risk. Poorly maintained cars are prone to accidents and premature failure. Here are some of the benefits of servicing your car. It enhances safety It maintains the…
New belts and hoses for your automobile

Mini Cooper front radiator support and coolant hose vulnerabilities

Mini Coopers are unique, sporty, and sleek and are one of the most recognized cars that can be quite a pleasure and fun to drive. New Mini Cooper owners should look out for common problems with the coolant hose and the front radiator support. Your Mini Cooper sits lower to the ground than most cars,…
oil and fluid check in parker

When should you change your oil?

Years ago, oil changes were performed every 5,000 miles, or at least every three months. This standard doesn’t always apply nowadays since oil quality has taken sharp improvements. As such, changing your car’s oil will depend on your personal driving preferences and what is documented in your cars owner’s manual. If your vehicle is driven…