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Honda Fuel Injectors Service Independent Auto Care DenverHere at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we want to share some of the signs you need Honda fuel injection repair. The creation of fuel injectors has helped make cars more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly, but they can cause a few problems that will need to be addressed to ensure your car is running properly.

Fuel Injection Basics

To understand some of the common problems with fuel injectors, it is helpful to know more about the basics of how the system works. The internal combustion process generates the power needed for your vehicle’s engine using a mix of gas and air, plus spark plugs for ignition. The air intake system delivers air to the engine and the fuel injection system is how the gasoline gets delivered. For peak efficiency, the engine combines the correct amount of gas to the appropriate inflow of oxygen. The oxygen supply can also fluctuate, so the fuel injection system ensures that the gasoline provided also changes appropriately.

Fuel Injector Role

Fuel injectors are responsible for delivering the exact amount of gasoline needed by the engine, in the midst of dramatic changes and differing requirements. The injector is an electronically controlled valve that gets signals from the engine control unit. There is a gas pump that delivers pressurized gasoline into the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors open a valve to allow pressurized gas to pass based on indications from the engine control unit. A fine mist of gasoline is sprayed into the engine’s intake manifold. The manifold then delivers the gas to the engine where it is combusted with the oxygen also being delivered.

Understand Common Problems

Understanding common problems with fuel injectors can help you identify when your fuel injection system may need repair.  If you notice any signs you need Honda fuel injection repair, contact us at Independent Auto Care in Parker. We can get your Honda repaired quickly so you can get back on the road fast.

  • Dirty Fuel Injectors: Sometimes fuel additives can leave a residue on the fuel injectors. The residue burns and forms a crust. Such a crust on the fuel injectors can result in a weak and uneven spray.
  • Clogged Fuel Injectors: Microscopic foreign objects, which are often rust, can cause fuel injectors to be clogged. The rust comes from further up the gasoline supply. It can come from the fuel rail or the fuel supply line. It can result from a car sitting for long periods of time without maintenance. When a fuel injector is clogged gasoline doesn’t make it to the intake manifold.
  • Fuel Injector Fails to Open: If there is a build up of rust or additives, the fuel injector may not be able to close. Additionally, a faulty spring could cause this type of problem. If the valve is unable to close, the fuel injector will leak gasoline.

Now that you understand some of the signs you need Honda fuel injection repair, come see us at Independent Auto Care in Parker if you have a fuel injection issue. We provide great service and quality work, all at prices lower than most dealerships.

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