How Do I Get My Honda Serviced Without Voiding the Warranty?

How do I get my Honda serviced without voiding the warranty? Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we hear this question all the time. Many people believe that you have to go to your dealer for service or you’ll cancel out the warranty. That’s simply not true. Today we’ll shed a little light on what you need to know.

Warranty Basics

Warranties are promises, usually by a manufacturer, that include fixing defects or failures that occur within a specific period of time. The warranty pays for those repairs or parts that fail during the warranty period as long as it meets certain conditions.

Must I Use a Dealer to Keep My Warranty Effective?

It is a common misconception that you must use a dealer to get a Honda serviced without voiding the warranty. In fact, independent mechanics, retail repair shops, and even you can perform repairs and routine maintenance on your Honda or any vehicle while keeping your warranty valid. It is illegal for dealers or manufacturers to deny coverage because someone else did the work.

However, dealers and manufacturers can require that your Honda repairs be performed at certain facilities if the repairs will be free of charge under the warranty.

Then there are situations where a repair is not covered under warranty. For example, if you replaced a belt on your vehicle but didn’t install it correctly and this caused the belt to fail, your warranty would not cover it. It’s then up to the manufacturer to demonstrate that the improper installation caused the belt to fail, not some other problem.

If you need a repair or routine maintenance contact us here at Independent Auto Care in Parker to have your Honda serviced without voiding the warranty.

Are Aftermarket or Recycled Parts OK?

It is acceptable to use an aftermarket part or recycled product on your Honda and still keep your warranty in effect. However, if your dealer is replacing a part for free, as part of the warranty, they can require that certain parts be used.

Also, if an aftermarket or recycled part damages any parts that normally would have been covered by the warranty, a manufacturer has the right to deny the claim because their product/workmanship was not responsible for the damage. In our experience (and our ASE certified techs have decades of it), we typically recommend not taking any chances while under warranty and primarily use OEM parts for the auto repairs we perform.

Ways to Avoid Warranty Issues

To get the most out of your Honda warranty, it is helpful to read and understand it first. If you have any questions, we have answers! Also, be aware of your warranty period, so that if you have an issue, you get it checked out before your warranty expires. Additionally, it is helpful to get your Honda serviced regularly to be sure that your Honda warranty is kept intact. Keep all your service records and receipts so that you have proof of maintenance if needed.

So, how do I get my Honda serviced without voiding the warranty? Just bring it to us here at Independent Auto Care in Parker. We can make sure your Honda is well cared for with high quality repairs and maintenance.

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