Dealer Service versus Independent Auto Service

Independent Auto Care Parker ColoradoLast month we talked about Warranty Myths this month we’re going to talk about Dealer Service versus Independent Auto Service. Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we want to clear up a few myths about auto repair. Many people believe some of the myths floating around out there, so it is always a good idea to separate fact from fiction.

Auto Shop Want to Rip Customers Off:

The misconception is that mechanics take advantage of customers, particularly those who are less knowledgeable or more vulnerable. The idea is that a mechanic knows how to use their vast knowledge of the vehicle’s complexity to exaggerate issues and manipulate data to rip off customers.

The truth is that the auto repair industry is built on good relationships and the majority of auto repair businesses are hardworking and honest. Most auto repair shops understand that even the appearance of taking advantage of the customer damages the relationship and harms the repair shop in the long run. Particularly in today’s world, unhappy customers put their opinions on public forums and social media, making auto repair shops more aware of even the slightest issue. Keeping customers happy is the best way for a repair shop to keep a customer’s loyalty.

Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we are only looking to help our customers by providing excellent service and honest repair. If you need a repair on your Honda vehicle, you can trust that we’ll never exaggerate the issue or inflate costs. Just take a look at what customers have to say about us on Yelp.

Only the Dealership can Perform Certain Repairs:

Another of the misconceptions about Honda auto repair is that certain fixes require a dealer. Some people even think that a dealership is better for some specific repairs or will offer discounts that a repair shop will not be able to provide. This misconception seems to be particularly strong among foreign car owners.

The reality is that repair shops have all the tools to perform repairs, particularly if they specialize in specific vehicle brands. Additionally, many repair shops offer coupons and discounts. Some even offer free courtesy services and so the dealership is not the only place for a good deal.

Only Dealerships Employ the Best Auto Mechanics:

The misconception is that dealerships have better tools, better customer service, and even better mechanics. People believe that you when you take your car to a dealer, you are paying for the best service available.

The reality is that every auto repair shop, including dealers, are going to have a range of skill and experience available. Taking your Honda to the dealership is not going to ensure that anything is better. Dealerships are not the exclusive owners of excellent repairs. In fact, dealerships can and sometimes do perform poor repairs at a premium price.

Here at Independent Auto Repair in Parker, our ASE certified technicians have over 65 combined years of experience specializing in Honda and Acura auto repairs. Any year, make or model, we know your vehicle inside and out. We provide quality repairs without the hassle and cost of going to your dealership. Give us a call and put our expertise to the test.

Don’t fall victim to misconceptions about Honda auto repair. If you need repair on your Honda, contact us here at Independent Auto Care in Parker. We have the experience you can trust.

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