The Best Way to Tell if Your Honda Needs an Alignment

Here at Independent Auto Care in Parker, we know the best way to tell if your Honda needs an alignment. It all comes down to paying attention to how your Honda handles on the road, especially at higher speeds. If you notice some of the changes we discuss here, you can learn to tell when an alignment is in order.

Drifting or Pulling

When you drive your Honda on a flat, straight surface, you may feel your vehicle tug to one side or another. If you don’t feel such a tug, you can let go of the steering wheel for a very brief moment and find out if your vehicle wants to drift to one side or the other. Take care to notice if the road is slightly sloped on the shoulder because this would help your vehicle drift that direction and may mean that your alignment is fine.

In more prominent cases of misalignment, you may find that you need to steer slightly in the opposite direction at all times. This is the classic sign that your Honda needs an alignment.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel always looks like it is not centered or if you always feel like you are slightly turning the steering wheel, this may indicate that your Honda needs an alignment. Sometimes this occurs when you have a front-end alignment done instead of a full four-wheel alignment. The result can alter not only your overall alignment, but it can cause issues for your car’s performance, handling, and fuel economy.

Steering Wheel Vibration

If your steering wheel vibrates while driving, you would be best served by getting your alignment checked soon. Vibrations can be a warning of bigger troubles to come, so it is important not to ignore it.

If you have steering wheel vibrations or think your Honda is showing other alignment troubles, contact us here at Independent Auto Care in Parker. We can get your Honda’s alignment straightened out quickly before you encounter more serious trouble.

Loose Steering

Your Honda’s steering should feel responsive. If your steering feels loose or like it wanders while you are driving, it is probably time to get your alignment checked. Also, if you turn the steering wheel more and get very little wheel response, you likely have an alignment problem.

Uneven Wear

Visual inspection of your tires is a great way to figure out if you have a potential alignment issue. If you can spot uneven wear, your tires likely need to be aligned. For a more thorough inspection, you can measure the different treads. If they measure differently then your alignment needs attention.

The best way to tell if your Honda needs an alignment is to pay attention to your car and how it handles. Paying attention to your vehicle’s alignment can save you big trouble in emergency situations that require good handling. If you need to get your alignment checked, contact us here at Independent Auto Care in Parker. We will get your alignment corrected so that your car handles better and you are safer while you are driving.

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