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Acura timing belt service

At Independent Auto Care in Parker, we specialize in servicing Acura’s and can provide both answers and great maintenance for your car.

The timing belt, which is lined with teeth or grooves, drives your engine’s crankshaft which makes the engine’s valves open and close. So, if your timing belt breaks when you’re driving, it will be a big problem and damage your engine. Your car will stop running and require a more expensive fix.

Sometimes, you will have no sign that your timing belt is not in good shape. A bad belt can simply snap out of the blue. But if you hear a high-pitched sound, have trouble starting your car, or see damage on the belt (worn grooves or missing teeth), make an appointment with us right away to get it checked out.

When you bring your car in for regular maintenance, we will certainly inspect your belt and much more. As for changing it out, most manufacturers recommend a new timing belt every 40,000 to 60,000 miles, but there are different recommendations for different makes and models of vehicles.

Toyota and Lexus recommend a timing belt change every 90,000 on year models that are newer than 1997. Honda and Acura recommend replacing your timing belt every 90,000 on older models, but every 105,000 miles or 7 years whichever comes first, on models manufactured after the year 2000.

Of course, it’s not always just mileage that determines whether your timing belt needs to be replaced. That’s where our expert auto technicians at Independent Auto Care come in. Timing belts are affected by very hot and very cold climates. Extreme weather can cause them to crack and chip, so they may need to be replaced more often. Since we’re aware that Colorado weather can be a bit extreme, we’ll keep a very close eye on your belts for signs that they need to be replaced.

We suggest that when you bring your car in for other repairs or general maintenance, you should have us check out your timing belt. We can visually inspect your Acura’s timing belt for cracks, chips, ribs, or teeth that may be missing. If we see any signs of damage or weakening, we may suggest replacing your timing belt. Although it’s an added expense you may not have been ready to cover, it can save you from engine damage and even a complete engine replacement that may cost thousands of dollars.

So, if you’re wondering how often should I replace my Acura timing belt, bring it to our auto technicians at Independent Auto Care in Parker and we will check it out for you. We specialize in servicing Acura’s and can tell you if it needs replacing. Call or contact us to schedule your appointment.

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