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Looking after your BMW this summer

Though it’s universally acknowledged that BMWs are an exceptional, world-renowned make of car, they too need special care and maintenance in the hotter months of the year. This is because, as temperatures soar, so too do the heat-associated risks. Here are a few checks you should be doing regularly:

Cooling system inspection

Most importantly, you should be checking that the internal cooling system of your BMW is running at its optimum. Ensure that there are no punctures or leaks, and that you have enough coolant – this will stop the body of your BMW from overheating and causing possibly catastrophic damage.

Tire inspection

Tires are sadly susceptible to faster wear during the hotter months of the year. This is because, though BMW tires are extremely high-quality, they too get hot on the tarmac, meaning that the tread is worn down faster. As such, aim to regularly inspect your tires to ensure there’s no significant wearing-down.

HVAC system inspection

One thing BMW cars are renowned for is their luxurious leather seats. While these are a blessing in terms of comfort, they can be downright painful to sit on if you’re getting into a hot car! So, before summer truly hits, be sure to inspect your air conditioning system – you don’t want to get out of the blistering heat outside only to get into an equally hot car!

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