Honda, Acura, Mini – Independent Auto Care Parker Colorado

At Independent Auto Care in Parker, our ASE certified technicians provide drivetrain and transmission repair for your Mini, Honda or Acura vehicle. This important system and its components send power from your engine to your wheels, propelling your car at the required speed.

Taking proper care of the drivetrain and transmission requires an experienced professional that knows your vehicle make and model inside and out, so don’t go to just any mechanic. Come see at as Independent Auto for maintenance and repair services:

  • Inspect and Repair of Automatic Transmission
  • Inspect and Repair of Manual Transmission & Clutch
  • Repair or Replace Driveshaft
  • Repair or Replace U-joint
  • Repair or Replace CV Joint & CV Axle
  • Inspect and Repair Transfer Case
  • Flush and Replace Differential Fluid
  • Flush and Replace Transmission Fluid
  • Replace Pan Gasket

We understand that addressing drivetrain and transmission repair work may seem daunting. These are complex systems. At Independent Auto Care, we strive to make things simple for you. We’ll explain it all without the jargon, provide honest and fair prices and perform quality repairs. Our goal is to help you care for your Mini, Honda or Acura when small problems pop up so you won’t face more costly issues.

drive shaft repair Parker CO

Signs You Need Drivetrain and Transmission Repair

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it could point to your transmission or the various parts of the drivetrain system. Keep an eye out and come see us as soon as possible.

  • A gear shifting problem is a big one. In a manual, if it hesitates, falls out of gear, shifts for no reason or jerks without manual error, we should take a look at it. In an automatic, if you feel or hear your car changing gears on a flat road at a fixed speed, you need a transmission inspection.
  • Whining, clunking, thudding, buzzing or grinding. Whether your vehicle is a manual or automatic, new and unusual sounds while changing gears can indicate a potential problem.
  • Transmission fluid issues are also common. This is a closed system that shouldn’t leak. If you find spots of bright red transmission fluid under your car, it needs to be inspected. If you check the reservoir and the fluid is dark or smells burnt, this is another sign of trouble.

For Mini, Honda or Acura drivetrain and transmission repair, contact Independent Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.